Carol Stream Independence Day Parade

ENTRANCE: Participants MUST enter staging area heading south on County Farm Rd.


No one will be allowed to enter from Woodhill Avenue. 

Cars may exit east or west on Woodhill.

If you are expecting additional people to join your group, PLAN to have someone on County Farm by Woodhill to watch for and guide your people to the group spot.

  • DIRECTIONS will be given by volunteers in orange vests in the staging area. PLEASE follow their instructions and remember they are volunteers.
  • County Farm Road Closes at 8:30am Lineup begins at 8:30am
  • All parade vehicles must enter the parade staging area on County Farm Road from Army Trail Road.
  • Check in will be staged at Woodhill and County Farm Road.You must be checked in by a parade volunteer and shown to the proper staging area.
  • You will be lined up on County Farm Road by a volunteer. Please stay at the area you are sent to.
  • The Staging Area is a busy place on the morning of the Parade.Please be aware of moving vehicles.
  • Please park at Town Center at Gary & Lies. There will be shuttle buses taking parade participants to Simkus for lineup. For safety reasons no parking will be allowed at Simkus. Shuttle buses run from 8:30-9:20am.
  • Parade Steps off at 10:00am sharp
  • Candy to be thrown by walkers only. Candy must be thrown all the way to the curb or beyond. NO CANDY IS TO BE THROWN FROM VEHICLES. Walk it to the curb to hand it out, for SAFETY REASONS.
  • No water guns of any kind are allowed. POLICE WILL CONFISCATE THEM.
  • No cars, trucks or trailers of any kind may be left on County Farm Road.

The number one thing we want is for everyone to have fun and celebrate the holiday with your community. To help the day go as smoothly as possible though we do ask that you read and follow the following information.  

If you have any questions prior to the parade contact or reach out on Facebook. Questions on the day of the parade find a volunteer in an orange vest and we will do our best to help.

The parade staging are is on County Farm Road starting at Woodhill Avenue with the route running County Farm & Lies Road (Simkus Rec Center) to the Carol Stream Town Center at Gary and lies.

If you would like to park at the Town Center shuttle buses will be running in the morning to bring you to the parade staging area.


Note: Parade watchers will not be able to stand on the west side of County Farm & Lies for safety reasons. 

Questions? Please email and follow us on Facebook for more pictures and up to date information